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Stage Rats

Stage Rats Inc is a not for profit organisation that provides comedy, song and dance through the theatrical genre of Theatre Restaurant. Based in Hervey Bay, and engaging the best of the Fraser Coast’s theatrical talent, this troupe of actors performs in venues throughout Southern Queensland.

The Stage Rats Inc. cast and crew are a constantly changing group of performers and technical assistants. Stage Rats Inc. actors range in age from 18 up into the 70’s with many also performing on the Fraser Coast within other entertainment groups. Our leading actors and actresses come from theatrical arts backgrounds that include vocal teaching, directing, script writing, film and television.

Each performance is a carefully crafted mix of interactive theatre. Productions generally combine a show with a 2-3 course meal that includes full bar facilities. Scripts are either locally written, or adaptations of popular well known productions.

As a member of Stage Rats Inc, we endeavour to build on your acting, dancing and singing abilities throughout the rehearsals for each show. We hold auditions for each show, allowing individuals to choose the parts they are interested in. This includes both acting and backstage roles. All members give their time freely, and availability is always due to both personal and professional commitments. We are a large family and encourage everyone to be a part of this vibrant group, in which individuals share the roles accordingly.

We support all Hervey Bay Theatre groups, Maryborough Theatre groups and everyone involved in the theatrical scene.

Become a Rat

Our Stage Rats Mascots
When you join Stage Rats Inc, you become part of our theatre family. Whether you are on the stage, building sets, creating sound and lighting or making the performers looks their best, we need you. Each show is a carefully crafted mix of talents and every element forms a essential part of producing the final performance. You don’t have to be a part of every theatre restaurant show, so come along and find out what is involved.

  • Rehearsals are generally for two-three months for each show and are held in Hervey Bay twice a week on selected week nights.
  • We aim perform anywhere between 1 and 3 shows a year.
  • As we perform in outlying areas as well as Hervey Bay, some travel is generally involved, but accommodation costs are covered for cast and crew.
  • Although singing and acting credentials are preferred, a sense of humour and a quick wit is a must.
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